BioMedical Admission Test in UK

BMAT: Introduction

The BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT), owned and administered by the Admission Testing Service, is a subject-specific admissions test for candidates wanting to pursue medicine, veterinary medicine and similar courses at universities. BMAT results are valid only in the year the test has been taken.


The BMAT is a 2-hour, pen-and-paper test consisting of three sections:Aptitude and Skills, Scientific Knowledge and Applications and Writing Task.

Aptitude and Skills

It consists of questions based on problem-solving approach, arguments, inferences and conclusions and data analysis and interpretation. 
  • Total No. of questions: 35
  • Type of questions: Multiple-choice or short questions answer
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Scientific Knowledge and Applications

In this section, the questions are based on the school science and mathematics. It assesses the candidate’s scientific knowledge skills.
  • No. of questions: 27
  • Type of questions: Multiple-Choice or Short Answer
  • Duration: 30 minutes

Writing Task

This section requires the candidate to communicate their thoughts and ideas in an effective, concise and clear manner.
  • No. of questions: One essay from a choice of four questions
  • Duration: 30 minutes


All registrations are made by the relevant test centres. You can sit for the Test at your school or college. If you don’t go to a school or college, you can still appear for the tests at an open centre. To find a centre, visit CENTRE 


The fee varies from year to year. Check the official website for fee and payment details. Some centres charge an additional administration fee. Check with your respective centre.

Scoring and Results

Scoring: In Sections 1 and 2, each question is worth 1 mark. Total raw scores for each section are converted into the BMAT scale, which ranges from 1 referred to as low to 9 being known as high score.  Essays in Section 3 are marked by two examiners. Each examiner gives two scores – one for quality of content on a scale of 0–5, and one for quality of written English on the scale A, C, E.
If the two scores for content are the same or no more than one mark apart, then in such a case, the average of the two marks is being calculated and delivered. If the two scores for written English are the same or no more than one mark apart, the scores are combined like this: AA = A, AC = B, CC = C, CE = D and EE = E.
Results: A Statement of Results is being issued to each candidate, via our Results Online system. Candidates can download their results online from Results Online – Candidates 

Access Arrangements

Access arrangements are available for candidates with certain conditions, which include: dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dysorthographia and working memory deficit. To avail these arrangements, you need to inform your centre in advance. Fill in a Special Considerations form and send it along with a covering letter and evidence within seven days of the test date, either as a scanned email attachment or by post, to the email/postal address given on the form.
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