Extra Help for Students with Children or Dependant Adults in UK

Students with children or dependant adults can apply for Childcare Grant, Parents’ Learning Allowance, Adult Dependants’ Grant, Access to Learning Fund and Child Tax Credit.

Childcare Grant

If you’re a full-time higher education student with children and your child is under 15, or under 17 having special educational needs, then you can apply for a Childcare grant. You can get up to 85% of your childcare costs. 


A full-time higher education student whose child is under 15, or under 17 having special educational needs, or have a student finance package, or are eligible for one, or you’re a permanent resident in England and the children in your grant application are financially dependent on you, or your childcare provider is on the Ofsted Early Years Register or General Childcare Register , or if your child is cared for at home, the carer can’t be a relative and must be registered with an appropriate body is eligible for Childcare grant.

Applying Ways and Means

Apply using Main Student finance application. Send Student Finance England, an estimate of your childcare costs using form CCG1. Along with the form send a proof of the child’s identity and financial dependence on you, i.e. original birth certificate, your Child Benefit or tax credits details. During each term, you and your childcare provider must confirm your actual childcare costs using form CCG2.

Mailing Address:
Student Finance England 
PO Box 210 
DL1 9HJ 

Parents’ Learning Allowance

Parents’ Learning Allowance is for full-time students with children. The money can help pay for books, study materials and travel. It depends on your household income and doesn’t have to be paid back.


A student from England with dependent children is eligible for the Parent’s Learning Allowance if taking a full-time undergraduate course or an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course.

Apply Procedure

You can apply for the Parents’ Learning Allowance when you apply for student finance at Student Finance Login  . 
After you apply you’ll get a letter stating the amount you can get.

Adults Dependants Grant

Full-time students in higher education with an adult who depends on them financially can apply for an Adult Dependants’ Grant of up to £2,642. 
Dependant adult can be the following: a member of your family, including your husband, wife, civil partner or partner, Grown up children, or an unmarried partner over 25.

Applying Procedure

Apply using the main student finance application. Fill in the Adult Dependants’ Grant section and mention the estimates of your household income. Student Finance England will assess your application and will send you a letter stating your qualifying status and the amount you’ll receive. 
Supporting Documentation: The supporting documents that can be needed are your P60, Child Benefit details, family tax credits details, or financial information from your partner.

Access to Learning Fund

Access to Learning Fund is for students in financial hardship, who need extra help to initiate a course or stay in higher education. Your university or college decides who gets the money and how much you can get. 
Financial hardships include students with children- mainly single parents, mature students - particularly those with existing financial commitments, students from low-income families, disabled students, care leavers, students who are homeless or who are living in ‘Foyers’, and final-year students. 


A full-time, part-time, undergraduate, postgraduate student studying a higher education course can apply to the Access to Learning Fund. If you’re a part-time student you must be fulfil one of the following conditions: your course lasts at least 1 year, takes no more than twice as long to complete as an equivalent full-time course, or takes no more than 4 times as long to complete as an equivalent full-time course if you’re a new student starting from September 2012.

Applying Procedure

Contact the student services department at your respective university or college for the application. You’ll need to submit a copy of your letter from Student Finance England indicating how much student finance you’ll get and documents about your funds, like bank statements and rent details.

Child Tax Credit

If your child is under 16 or under 20 and in approved education or training, you can gain Child Tax Credit.

Benefits of Child Tax Credit

You could get a basic amount and extra. The basic amount is up to £545 a year. The extra varies. For each child, you can get an extra up to £2,750, for each disabled child you can get £3,100 yearly and for each severely disabled child, you can get an extra up to £1,255. 

Claiming Methodology

Contact the Tax Credit Helpline if you’re new to tax credit for a claim form and if you’re already claiming tax credits just call the helpline to update your claim.
Telephone: 0345 300 3900
              0345 300 3900
 Outside UK: 44 2890 538 192
To support your claim, you necessitate to hold a few records from the past 3 years that include, your income, bills, payslips, benefits, tax credits, childcare and your child’s education. 
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